I am deeply blessed to spend time with amazing people when I work.

My clients are brilliant, brave, sincere and creative.

My colleagues collaborate in extraordinary ways.

My teachers transmit amazing knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Here are words from some of these incredible people.

"Diana came into my life when I was a bit lost and questioning myself in many aspects of my life. Needless to say, she was a shining light who guided me to the right path and gave me the tools necessary to feel good about myself and be able to go back to those tools when I would waver a bit and go back to some of my habits that did not serve me well.

I had never heard of the term ‘Critical Mind” before, though I unintentionally practiced it on a regular basis. Diana taught me how to recognize when I was being hard on myself and that there are choices on how I deal with my negative feelings. I am more positive loving person because of her. Diana was gentle and understanding and never judged me; she is truly a gifted spiritual teacher."


San Francisco Bay Area

"In September 2011, my husband passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 59 years old. He was a great friend of Diana’s stepfather. Over the previous few years, my husband and I spent many an hour with Diana and her family at her parents’ home when they were visiting the States.

During the last hours of my husband’s life in the hospital, Diana was contacted and told that my husband would not survive. Diana was able to energetically help my husband cross over from India, which is truly a mystery as I live in California. I know that with her help from afar he as able to do his work and bring peace to his soul’s physical journey.

During the last few hours, I was told that Diana and her dear friend from Tibet went to a local monastery in India to have five thousand monks pray for my husband. Imagine my surprise and gratitude to find out how much time and energy Diana gave to my husband and myself during those last hours of his life on earth.

I am eternally grateful to Diana and her gift to be able to connect with the mystery of life because I know she had guiding hand in helping my husband do the work he needed to cross over peacefully."

Marcia Cooper

Myofascial Release Therapist


"I have had the sacred calling to work with Diana for the past two years. In this time of deep calling unto deep, I have had the wonderful opportunity to witness the flowering of the Divine before my very eyes. I have caught the vision of my God-self in the soul of Diana, and together we have recovered the buried treasure of her divine nature and brought it to the surface as the very activity of her consciousness.

It has been, and continues to be my pleasure to walk this path with Diana and witness the unveiling through her of more and more God."

With all my heart,

Ester Nicholson
Author of Soul Recovery
Motivational Speaker/Healer

"I have known Diana for more than seven years. She has been a precious and special friend during the inner turmoil of dealing with my different episodes of cancer and the five relapses so far. For me, her empathy and compassion in moments of greatest despair have comforted me and given me consolation.

In terms of learning – there were many things that she put my attention to. But to me, the most important ones are the following:

To re-cultivate the love to myself – something I had lost along my way. To make me understand what a true healing process entails: that it needs an inner environment of flow, because something in our body and mind is blocked – she calls it "energetic congestion." Diana has brought me back time and again to these fundamental issues.

The other thing is not to avoid conflicts – “to clean up my side of the street." To stand up and say: “This is how I feel – just say it – take the leap” or “This is a no-moment for me." But at the same time, don’t push anything that is not ready to come out. These things are important to me, because if I hold on to them and let them have such a deep effect on my inner self, it leads to energetic congestion again."



"I thought it would be easy to write about Diana since I’m good with words and I’ve experienced her extraordinary and transformational abilities firsthand. Yet, it took me days to write a paragraph and I still don’t think I have done her justice.

Diana has the ability to make you feel stronger, better, happier in a way that’s impossible to explain. You will feel that she can read your mind and see into places you would rather keep hidden, but she will never judge you and she will certainly never let you judge yourself. She has an abundance of love which she shares with you and she always brings you back to a better place than the one you started in…..and then there is that little bit of magic…an energy that emanates from her that has the ability to heal you in ways that defy logic. Diana is an extraordinary soul. If she touches your life, you are very very lucky. You will be forever changed."



"Before meeting Diana, I had a lot of anger built up from over the years. She taught me to listen to my body and accept how I was feeling inside. With the help of her tools, I have learned to tap into experiences (in my own time) which were very painful and release those bottled emotions. After unlocking a few painful memories, I feel more free inside and more aware of my surroundings. Thanks to Diana, I feel she has removed a dark cloud inside. This has allowed me to be more intuitive and great things have been happening."


"In my journey with Diana, I learned how to sit with myself in a deeply, profound way. I learned to simply accept whatever was going on for me without judgment, or even with the judgment if needed. It was about being with an authentic truth. Once this pathway was opened up, what needed to be released was allowed and my soul felt lighter. It is a practice that is carried with me today."

Angie Turk

Life Coach at Inner Peace Warriors

New Delhi, India

"Everyone has a small side to them, that little part that feels scared or nervous sometimes. It's tempting to silence that voice and push it aside because it makes us feel vulnerable. But similar to a little child, that voice just wants to be noticed and feel safe. Through my practice, I try to include that little part of me and soothe it, as I would a sweet child whom I love. I find that by acknowledging it and making it feel safe, that little voice is much quieter and less afraid... and my mind becomes calm."



Los Angeles

"Working with Diana has helped me immensely to centre myself and believe in finding happiness from within me, a concept that eluded me earlier.

The two most simple yet empowering practices that I learnt to appreciate in the course of my interactions with Diana were:

- training myself to identify a reaction when it is beginning and then being able to manage it while retaining my peace of mind and identity,

- using my quiet time to recharge, cleanse and relax.

To me these two practices are invaluable today and a source of vast positive self-generated energy and I am eternally grateful to Diana for introducing me to them in a manner that resonated with my inner journey."


Mother and Communications Consultant


"I've become a happier person working with Diana because I am learning to accept and love myself.

I used to have an incredibly loud critical voice - formed and strengthened by years of feeling inferior and unlovable. I've been working on this for several years now and the inner critic is still there, but its not as loud as it used to be.

I've learned to recognize its presence through certain physical symptoms it brings upon me, like rapid incessant thinking, contraction in my chest, and heat and heaviness in my lungs. For me, these are all indications that my thoughts and beliefs are not aligned with the universal truth and that my inner critic is at play. There are times I catch it and the voice diminishes. Other times I catch it and it remains, but I don't react to it. And there are still times I'm unaware of its presence, but when I do become aware, I forgive myself. It's all good."



New York

"I met Diana in India a few years ago when I was traveling during a gap year before college. A close mutual friend had told me that I "MUST" meet her for an energy healing session during my trip, so I reached out to her and scheduled an appointment. When I unexpectedly fell very ill while traveling and had to withdraw from the program I was on, I called Diana and asked her if she could recommend any healing ashrams I could go to to recuperate. Having never met me, Diana spoke with me in depth over the phone and invited me to take a train to Delhi to stay with her family for a few days and make a decision about what I would do next.

To make a long story short she invited me to stay with her for three more weeks and learn about her healing practice as an intern, studying Tibetan medicine and other modalities of healing. Since then, Diana has become truly one of the most important people in my life. I meet with her weekly on Skype from New Orleans, and I attest so much of my happiness, success, and emotional peace to the inner work I do consistently with her. I have recommended her to 7 other women (including my mother and many of my best friends), all of whom are completely in love with her as well and feel immeasurably thankful to have her in their lives.

Perhaps one of the most notable ways Diana has helped me is in my relationship with my mom. Since she started working with each of us (separately), my relationship with my mother has gotten so much more open and honest that it truly amazes me.

I could write pages and pages about all of the ways in which Diana has guided, mentored, and supported me, but suffice it to say that she is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I'm grateful every single day to have her in my life."

Abby D.

New Orleans

"Diana is my student and working with her is a great experience in the field of helping our human brothers and sisters.

We learn and exchange our knowledge from our warm heart, which can be used so easily for our clients. Her energy work brings genuine smiles and happiness to many people. We experience many similarities in the traditional practices that we are doing. She is like my teacher rather than my student.

I am very happy to know that she is creating this compassion-based informative website which people are really in need of."

Dr. Namgyal Phunrab

Traditional Tibetan Medical Practitioner

Bylakuppe, India

"Diana has helped my family and me tremendously in finding a healthy balance in our day-to-day lives, as well as developing deeper awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of our individual energy bodies and how to make our home a positive and healthy "sanctuary." From blocking negative or harmful vibrations, to creating awareness of energy flow and techniques to deal with stress or tension or difficult people, to creating a positive flow, the impact her work has had with my family is dramatic, deep, and long lasting.

Several years ago, one of my children, at the age of 12, seemed to be going through a difficult transition period. His school marks slumped, and he seemed very down in general. Although highly intelligent, he felt frustrated that his talent wasn’t being demonstrated academically. The transition from elementary school to middle school was clearly a shock to the system, and he was struggling to make the transition.

He was open to working with Diana, and started having one-on-one sessions with her. She gave him a set of tools for calming his excess energy, grounding himself, shielding, and a great bed time routine. She also found that his cells were congested, and recommended apple cider baths, which he still takes occasionally, with great effect. Within a few weeks, he was back to his normal, cheerful, positive self, and embraces life with zeal and vigor. He is doing very well in school and is very proud of himself. He still uses her techniques regularly.

As a mom and wife, I have benefited so much from my work with Diana, which continues at a distance! I would describe myself before starting energy work with Diana as an open vessel, super sensitive to and absorbing all energies around me…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I interact with many people at work, and I can now look back and see so clearly what I wasn’t able to recognize then: I was absorbing other people’s dirty energy! I was coming home feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, often irritable, and knew that I wasn’t giving my husband and kids what I wanted to…positive loving energy. To compound things, I would pass my bad energy on to the family, and my husband and kids were in a similar situation…wide open to absorbing and transmitting bad energy, in the broader world, and in our home! Now I see so clearly the holding pattern we were in.

With Diana’s diverse skills, wisdom, knowledge, and great compassion we are now living happier, more vibrant, peaceful and harmonious individual and family lives. I truly believe that anyone can benefit from working with her, especially families, whether it’s for basic energy “tune ups”, deeper inner work, or anything else!"



"I have known Diana for a few years now and each time I have been in her presence, have felt her love and calm energy around me. She is versatile and practical in her approach to day to day challenges that we all face from time to time. For me, Diana is a reassurance that with a little bit of a sensitivity and kindness to ourselves - all issues can be sorted! She is warm, loving and kind and always approachable and dependable despite her busy schedule. Personally, to me she will always remain a very precious friend and mentor."

Gireeja Rajesh

New Delhi

"As the director and primary instructor at Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts in California, I have known Diana Zaheer for over 15 years, first as a student and then as a colleague and friend.

Diana's deep and powerful commitment to her own spiritual unfoldment has blossomed into a profound ability to be a catalyst for the spiritual growth and healing of others.

Diana's work blends a potent combination of immense compassion and clarity with skill, insight and experience, enabling her to be of service to people on many levels. She has a natural warmth, kindness and wisdom that engenders trust and safety.

Having lived in various cultures throughout the world allows Diana to work comfortably with a wide variety of people from all walks of life and and all spiritual orientations. I have the upmost respect for Diana and her work and feel that anyone privileged to have the opportunity to work with her would benefit greatly."

Vajra Matusow
Diamond Light Center


"The feeling that Diana's gentle love and caring energy is always there for me has been so important to my recovery from major neuro-surgery and the accompanying pain relief medication that caused depression and feelings of worthlessness. Her unobtrusive messages have been both comforting and encouraging. They have made me look at myself differently and value what strengths I have within myself -- not what I have not."

Scarlett Farrow

la Finca del Castillo Arabe


"I have been guided and blessed to have contact with Diana for a few years now. I can not really say enough and the words of thanks seem so little. I have had several serious crisis in my life these last number of years, and Diana has always been there for me and with me -- whether it be an emotional or health issue. Just recently I was in hospital with a serious health issue. As I lay there alone and in pain, Diana on the other side of the world was there with loving support and care, sending prayers via voice message to help me remain calm and focus on God and trust his plan. Other times it’s been an emotional crisis when I lost my way, and the understanding -- Always! Diana was making time to be with me, guiding and supporting with her loving care and giving me the tools. I am truly blessed that she is and has been in my life. I can not convey the depth of my heartfelt gratitude."