These healing rooms are an offering to you, to me and to everyone.

I wanted to create a place where we could all come when we don't know where to go with ourselves, with our feelings, with our not knowing, with our overwhelm. This is a safe place for us to spend time when we need support, kinship and safe holding.

It's also a place to celebrate our growing bigger and stronger and becoming our true selves in the world.

Like all humans, we have a smallness inside. We can learn to nurture this inner experience with patience, warmth and consistency.

The relationship to our precious smallness is a gateway to our relationship with the Divine. When our smallness feels loved and safe and seen by us, we feel moments of Heaven on Earth. The natural and deep relaxation of our smallness allows for space to arise in us. In this space, we can directly experience the ever-present and boundless loving energy of the Divine, specifically and personally existing in relationship to us.

To support that process, I invite you to my virtual healing rooms. Here you will find videos, audios and writings, to lift your energy frequency, to give you reality checks, to remind you of who you really are.

This is an ever-changing virtual library. So, feel free to check back often and see the updates.

When I visit these rooms, I sense inside myself to notice which quality appeals to me today, what topic resonates with where I am in my journey. I may feel disconnected from a particular part of myself. I might want to increase my experience of another. Once you are inside a room, listen and watch from an inner place. See what feels good for you to receive. You might feel gently touched. You may experience being filled up and overflowing. See what is true for you today.

May you feel love here. May you feel safety here. May you feel understanding here. You are more loved than you could ever imagine.

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