Afternoons have their own special energy.

They are a time to pause and check in with ourselves. They are a time to drop inside, notice how we are feeling and what we need. They are a time to ground ourselves and give to ourselves. They are a time to be still.

They are also a time to appreciate the positive ways in which we have spent our mornings, how we have shared our gifts and expressed ourselves in the world.

We may have the habit of skipping this time of self-care. We may stay engaged in doing good work for our families, businesses and friends. We may resist this powerful time of day because it is unfamiliar to us to stop and reset. We may have deeply forgotten ourselves and become lost in our doing.

I invite you to start where you are. Even five minutes spent in afternoon energy gives us the chance to find strength and power within to complete what matters to us during the remainder of our day, and now from a new place inside.