Sadness matters.

It matters because it's a natural response to something painful in our lives. It can release energy bubbling up inside of us in response to this difficult situation.

It matters because it isn't logical. We feel emotion and it has the chance to move through us and make room for something else to arise.

It matters because it softens us. When we give ourselves permission to feel sad, we can receive love and support from others and from our true nature.

It matters because it shows us the truth of our belonging. When we are sad, we may feel alone but we are never truly alone. This is one of the deepest teachings of sadness. It is possible to feel our sadness and to feel the holding of divine presence within us, as a tangible and visceral experience of love and support.

May you feel courage and belonging here with your sadness. May the teachings and tools here support you to feel the movement of life through you, which can contain and release sadness.