We all have a deep need to be seen. It is critical to our human development. But being seen for what we do well or how good we are as a person isn't enough. That's just scratching the surface.

Being seen means being seen for who we really are inside.

  • What we really feel.
  • What we fear.
  • What we want and need.
  • What we love and cherish.
  • What we experience in our bodies and with our senses.
  • How we feel when we're totally free inside.
  • Who we are at our deepest core.

We all long to have these places safely seen.

When that's not possible, we end up hiding these cherished parts of ourselves. Sometimes they can remain hidden for a very long time.

Let these tools remind you of what you want to be seen. Spend time with the ones that feel the most comfortable to you. We must feel safe in this process. It takes practice to feel safely and fully seen. Dip one toe at a time in the pond.

The part of you that wants to be seen is utterly and infinitely lovable. But this takes time to believe and trust. Take this journey of being loved slowly. Little moments of letting love in. Feeling shy and timid is natural. All of these feelings are welcome as you practice being seen.

Slowly we will begin to feel more seen accurately by those around us and most importantly we will start to see ourselves in a steadfast, kind and consistent way. We begin to live that way in our safe inner sanctuary that we share with others when the time is right for us.