When I take steps to forgive someone in my life, I enter an infinitely powerful dimension of reality.

It is here that my inner healing can accelerate at speed of light pace.

When I communicate from a deep open place in myself with someone whom I have yet to forgive or whom I want to forgive me, I travel into dimensions of me that I didn't even realize existed.

I become even more of me than I knew possible.

Forgiveness can be a slow process. It can be scary. But I can't skip over any of my human parts of the process -- my feelings or my memories or my needs. I can't do a "spiritual bypass," as my teacher Ester Nicholson always reminds me.

Forgiveness can be freeing. Because to sincerely forgive means that a higher vibrational experience of me becomes part of what is forgiving. I am lifted up to view my historical human experience from a higher vibrational frequency. The process contains the possibility of unbounded expansion into a me without any stories and with understanding for all. For the other in their humanness. For me in my humanness. For humans on their journey.

We can't force ourselves to forgive. There is a Divine and perfect timing for each step of our journey. We can only enter the forgiveness process and be with whatever is there. And so much blessing is there hidden in the journey.