Trust is a vulnerable topic.

Somewhere in our past, most of us have put our trust in a person or a situation, and we got hurt. We felt let down. We experienced disappointment or betrayal. And then we began protecting our hearts so that we didn't have to feel those intense feelings again.

But living with a closed heart is a painful way to exist. Sooner or later, we may wish to let love in and then we don't know how.

Working on trust helps us because we can get clear about what exactly makes sense to trust. We learn to trust the thing that can't ever go away -- our true nature, our presence, our Being, the ground of who we really are. The forms in our lives may come and go, but that formless loving creative force is always there.

How did you get into your body? How did I get into mine? How did we end up on the planet at the same time, so you could visit this room and so I could create it, so we could share the journey of realization together? These are mysteries we will likely never be able to fully explain from our limited human understanding.

Life is always flowing through us, around us, as us. We are invited to discover this trustworthy reality and see how it feels to slowly make friends with it.

Our true nature has wondrous qualities that can arise through us. It is an amazing journey of discovery.

How does true nature want to express itself as you right now?